Alkaline Tampons, Antiperoxide Enzyme, Acid Tampon, Binder, Paint Assistance, Carrier, Dispersion Agent, Desizing Enzyme, Wetting Agent, Ion Immobilizer, Cationic and Anionic Plasticiser, Starch, Fracture Preventive Agent, Foam Cutter, Optic Whitener, Special Chemicals, Resin, Silicon Emulsion, Stabiliser, Stone Washing Enzyme, Depilatory Enzyme, Oil Remover, Soap..

Brightening Agent 4BK
EsterQuad PEQ 90
Polymer 006
Polymer 007
Polymer_006_ _ % 20 lik emülsiyon
Polymer_012_ _ % 20 lik emülsiyon
PVA 17-88
TioÜre Dioksit
TiyoÜre Dioksit
VeraBac W 65
VeraBleach 85
VeraClear Cons
VeraDisper Cons
VeraFix 8RX 50
VeraFix 8RX
VeraFix 16RX
VeraFix BOND
VeraFix CRM 50
VeraFix NY 993
VeraLize BR
VeraMix MY
VeraPers 430 C
VeraPers 460C
VeraPers 2053
VeraPers L25
VeraPers SL 50
VeraQua 2701
VeraSil Aqua MOİ
VeraSil BOB 75
VeraSil BOB
VeraSil D-27
VeraSil DZ 3000
VeraSil EFN 55
VeraSil H-43
VeraSil HLO
VeraSil HLW
VeraSil Hydra H-43
Verasil MC High Cons 2010
VeraSil MH 532
VeraSil Moon Light
VeraSil SL-35
VeraSil SOL PN 20
VeraSil SOL PN 40
VeraSil SOL PN W
VeraSil You 32
VeraSil YOU 50
VeraSil YOU
VeraSoft 6830
VeraSoft B22
VeraSoft BL 21
VeraSoft BRC
VeraSoft BRS
VeraSoft BT-25
VeraSoft Cons D71
VeraSoft D-1
VeraSoft D-100
VeraSoft D60
VeraSoft EN 2000
VeraSoft ET 74
VeraSoft G-25
VeraSoft G-53
VeraSoft HP-80
VeraSoft MC 238
VeraSoft MY 200
VeraSoft NC 34
VeraSoft NP14
VeraSoft NZ-12
VeraSoft P-20 antistatik
VeraSoft PQ25
VeraSoft SB-60
VeraSoft SM 05
VeraSoft SM 6530
VeraSoft T45
VeraSoft WLL
VeraSoft WS-5
VeraWash RS 535
VeraWash RS 550
VeraWeight 73
VeraWeiss ESN
VeraWet ANV
VeraWet BS-60
VeraWet CMB
VeraWet Combi D-30
VeraWet DK-20
VeraWet H-30
VeraWet H-30T
VeraWet HAN
VeraWet HK-60
VeraWet NA 46
VeraWet PB 45
VeraWet PM 50
VeraWet SMW New
Ves Chromil 223
Ves Lub ED

Ves TP 0238
Ves TP 0266
Ves TP 0283
Ves TP 0317
Ves TP 0332
Ves TP 0333
Ves TP 0336
Ves TP 0337
Ves TP 0345
Ves TP 0357
Ves TP 0370
Ves TP 0375
Ves TP 378
Ves TP 0390
Ves TP 0429
Ves TP 0436
Ves TP 0440
Ves TP 0464
Ves TP 0467
Ves TP 0471
Ves TP 0473 New
Ves TP 0479
Ves TP 0492
Ves TP 0500
Ves TP 0523
Ves TP 0532
Ves TP 0547
Ves TP 0547
Ves TP 0553
Ves TP 0562
Ves TP 587 Renk Koyulaştırıcı Olarak
Ves TP 0632
Ves TP 0648
Ves TP 0656
Ves TP 684
Ves TP 0693
Ves TP 0695
Ves TP 0744
Ves TP 0765
Ves TP 0778
Ves TP 0786
Ves TP 0790
Ves TP 0799
Ves TP 0809
Ves TP 0841
Ves TP 0847
Ves TP 0849
Ves TP 0855
Ves TP 0858
Ves TP 0864
Ves TP 0869
Ves TP 0876
Ves TP 0887
Ves TP 0907
Ves TP 0918
Ves TP 0922
Ves TP 0935
Ves TP 0936
Ves TP 0943
Ves TP 0945
Ves TP 0951
Ves TP 0953
Ves TP 0964
Ves TP 0979
Ves TP 0980
Ves TP 0981
Ves TP 0982
Ves TP 0989
Ves TP 0993
Ves TP 0994
Ves TP 1000
Ves TP 1001
Ves TP 1017
Ves TP 1021
Ves TP 1034
Ves TP 1037
Ves TP 7030
VesAlkali HT Cons
VesAlkali Powder Cons
VesAnticrease PL-30
VesAnticrease RD Conc
VesAnticrease RD
VesAntiCrease SB 38
VesAquaSil CMH Ekstra New
VesAquaSil CMH Ekstra-P
VesAquaSil CMH Ekstra
VesAquaSil CMH
VesAquaSil S-4
VesAquaSoft G-28
VesAquaSoft GVN Cons
VesAquaSoft GVN-M
VesAquaSoft GVN
VesAquaSoft VN-37
VesAsit ABCS
VesAsit ABS
VesAsit AFS
VesAsit MS
VesAsit MSF
VesAsit MSS
VesAsit NT
VesAsit PDT Cons
VesAsit RCC
VesAsit SAM
VesBlanco BL-3
VesBlanco BL
VesCarrier 111
VesCarrier Eco Cons
VesCarrier LG-EC
VesCoat 16-X
VesCoat 102
VesCoat SMA-X
VesColor DA 260
VesColor DA 2512
VesColor DA 2565

VesDermasil 48
VesDermasil Hidra B
VesDermasil SVK
VesDermasil WS 425
VesDispers 400
VesDispers MRV Cons
VesDispers MRV Cons
VesExperia X-1
VesFinish UTK
VesFix AR-For
VesFix BF New
VesFix NF 80
VesFix Non Cons
VesFix Non-10
VesFix Non-20
VesFoam AF 100 Y
VesFoam AF 181
VesFoam AF 211
VesFoam AF 212
VesFoam AF 1000
VesGuard B-2
VesGuard Cons
VesGuard EX 6
VesGuard EX 66Cons
VesGuard EX 1655
VesGuard EX 2000
VesGuard EX 2001
VesGuard EX 2002
VesGuard EX 2020
VesGuard EX 2666
VesGuard EX 6618
VesGuard EX 6660
VesGuard OSG
VesGuard RP
VesGuard SG
VesHydraSil D-3
VesHydraSil D5
VesHydraSil SL 4
VesHydraSil SL-4
VesHydraSoft BRK
VesHydraSoft ZRL
VesKat FX
VesKres ARD
VesKres AT 20
VesKres VLF
VesLub DZ 3000
VesLubrifiant SL-Q
VesLubrifiant SL-X
VesMulti POL
VesMultipol Cons
VesOl Mittel BE-6
VesOl Mittel BE-9
VesOl Mittel BE-9N
VesOl MY
VesOl YM
VesOlMittel BE 675
VesOlMittel BE-1
VesOlMittel BE-655(Ph7)
VesPers AB 17
VesPers NY 30
VesPersmittel BS 50
VesPol 600
VesPolimer KO 202
VesPrint KVM
VesPrint ST 17
VesQuad 81
VesQuest 116
VesQuest 1515
VesQuest 1535
VesQuest 1545
VesQuest 2020
VesQuest 8850
VesQuest CB 1712 New
VesQuest CB 1712
VesQuest DM 190
VesQuest DM 192
VesQuest KR
VesQuiçk dry Comfort Yeni
VesQuiçk dry Comfort
VesRelease 1719
VesRelease 1721
VesRelease 1747
VesRelease COS
VesRelease RDG
VesSil 220
VesSil 241
VesSil 4915
VesSil 5290 Cons
VesSil AR-35
VesSil AR-45
VesSil AR-73
VesSil BHC 20
VesSil BHC 25-M
VesSil BHC 25
VesSil MAC 30
VesSil MC 50-S
VesSil MC 50
VesSil MC 65
VesSil MC Conc-G
VesSil MC Conc
VesSil MİC 50
VesSil NT 47
VesSil PRS
VesSil S-60
VesSil SM-32
VesSil STS Cons
VesSil STS
VesSil Superior 38
VesSil Superior 52
VesSil Superior 53
VesSil TBS

VesSilone 278
VesSilone 279
VesSilone SCS 97 G
VesSilone SJ 47
VesSilone SJ 115
VesSilone SJ 1500
VesSoft K-086
VesSoft K-152
VesSoft KP 2015
VesSoft KP
VesSoft NP 50
VesSoft NP 1020
VesSoft NP
VesSoft NS16
VesSol RO 500
VesStabil ABN 40
VesStabil ABN Cons
VesStabil ABN
VesStabil AR Cons
VesTafon NBA
VesTafon ABC
VesTafon CNP
VesTafon NBA
VesTafon NBS
VesTP 0085
VesTP 0643
VesTP 0666
VesTP 0669
VesTP 0703
VesTP 0754
VesTP 0759
VesTP 0865
VesTP 0896
VesTP 0963
VesTripofin KC
VesTripofin KS 45
VesTripofin KS
VesTripofin KV New
VesTripofin P
VesTripofin P1R
VesVil PU
VesVil TA 1407
VesVil TA 1607
VesVil TA 1707
VesVil TA 1807
VesWash Bello 40
VesWash Bello Conc
VesWash KLN
VesWash PG 12
VesWash PM 40
VesWash PM 80
VesWet CD
VesWet AS-EB Cons
VesWet ASL
VesWet BA-70
VesWet EG-64
VesWet EG-648
VesWet G-3
VesWet H-60
VesWet MRS 270
VesWet RCO
VesWet SMB
VesZym AML 120
VesZym AML 180
VesZym AML Cons
VesZym CAT 295
VesZym CAT 200 F
VesZym CAT 225
VesZym CAT 250 F-IR
VesZym CAT 250 F
VesZym CAT 275
VesZym CAT TBC 100
VesZym CAT TBC 200-M
VesZym CAT TBC 200
VesZym CAT TBC 206
VesZym CAT TBC 1000
VesZym CAT TBC 2020
VesZym CAT TBC 7001
VesZym Cell 335
VesZym Cell 367
VesZym CELL 375
VesZym Cell 805
VesZym CELL A-100
VesZym Cell C 125
VesZym Cell C 250
VesZym Cell C 345
VesZym Cell C-A
VesZym Cell CA Cons
VesZym Cell CB
VesZym Cell Cold CB
VesZym Cell E Conc
VesZym Cell NC Conc
VesZym Cell NC-A
VesZym Cell NCS
VesZym Cell SM Cons
VesZym Cell SS Cons
VesZym Combi
VesZym PIL 328
VesZym PIL 329
VesZym SPR Cons
VesZym TBC 5300
VesZyme Cell 500
VesZyme Cell 550